Frazier and Pearman Street Improvements


Why are we proposing this?

Based on reports from local residents, site observations, as well as through traffic data, Frazier Street and Pearman Street are used by traffic to avoid the main road network. The situation is exacerbated by the banned right turn from Baylis Road to Waterloo Road (southbound). This is causing congestion, pollution and a dangerous pedestrian environment in the local area, especially at the junction of Pearman Street and Frazier Street. Through these proposals, we want to ensure that through traffic stays on the main road network as much as possible, whilst retaining access for local residents.
We also want to enable operations from the London Ambulance Service, as this is one of the busiest centres in Central London.

What is exactly proposed?

We are proposing two interventions, a section of one-way on Frazier Street and a section of ‘No Motor Vehicles’ restrictions on Pearman Street. If it is decided to proceed with these interventions, they will be paired with enabling the right-hand turn from Baylis Road to Waterloo Road (southbound), something that the Council previously committed to.
On Frazier Street, at the junction with Pearman Street, it is proposed to install a small section of one-way with a contraflow cycle lane. This will stop through traffic from Morley Street. Two car parking bays will be replaced with a green buildout with trees. More tactile paving crossings are also proposed at the junction with Pearman Street. Premises on Frazier Street will still be accessible by vehicle from Baylis Road.
On Pearman Street, between Frazier Street and Coral Street, a “no motor vehicles” restriction will be implemented. This means that no vehicles except those with an exemption/dispensation will be able to enter the zone. This will remove options for through traffic to use this cut-through, but will still allow emergency vehicles like Ambulances to use this section of Pearman Street. Premises on Coral Street will still be accessible by vehicle from Waterloo Road.

Visualisation of the proposal

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