Mepham Street Improvements


Mepham Street Improvements

In a bid to promote Active Travel, Lambeth Council will be enhancing Mepham Street to support those walking, wheeling and cycling. 

These enhancements will be executed through our Framework Contractor, Ringway.

Our primary goal with these improvements is to:

  • Promote active travel methods such as walking and cycling
  • To improve the public space
  • To improve the lighting within this area
  • To add wayfinding to aid those using the area


The improvements consist of:

  • Widening pavements on the main pedestrian routes
  • Adding cycle stands for more cycle parking
  • Installing new tactile paving at the Mepham Street junction 
  • Implementing a continuous pavement at the Waterloo Road Junction

This is clarified below: 

  1.  The pavement widening and cycle parking works will begin construction on November 06, 2023. A wider and improved pavement will make it easier to walk between Waterloo Road and York Road. The details for these works are shown below - 

Phase Plan Reference


Programmed Duration


  Details of works

Phase 1

6 Nov – 19 Nov 2023

2 weeks

Mepham Street Junction with York Road & Tenison Way

Footway buildout to enhance the pedestrian area & installations of 19 cycle stands for cycle parking

Phase 2

20 Nov– 10 Dec 2023

3 weeks

Mepham Street Junction with Waterloo Road 

Copenhagen crossing to enhance pedestrian priority (at Waterloo Road Junction) + construction of the footway buildout

Phase 3 

11 Dec– 15 Dec 2023

1 week

Mepham Street Junction with Tenison Way 

Tactile crossing to be implemented at the Mepham Street x Tenison Way Junction to create a safe crossing point for visually impaired members of the public


2. We will upgrade the lighting provision in several of the railway arches. This will provide a better and safer environment for people walking, especially at night.

3. We aim to install wayfinding murals on some of the facades of the arches, to help people continue their journey to and from Waterloo Station. 

Once we have further information regarding points 2 and 3 we will be updating the public accordingly. 

Further details for the upcoming works

Phase 1 may have an affect on businesses as loading arrangements will change due to the road being closed to traffic. The loading/unloading along Mepham Street will need to be completed at the junction with Waterloo Road. The remaining two phases will not impact the loading arrangements, with minimal wider impacts

Working Hours will be from 08:00 to 18:00 - Monday to Friday & 08:00 – 15:00 on Saturday. 

For safety reasons road closures will be required at the Mepham Street Junction with York Road to Waterloo Road.

Should you have any questions relating to the Public space / design work, including traffic management plans relating to road closures, diversion routes and regular updates on the progress of the planned works please contact TransportStrategy@Lambeth.gov.uk 

For questions on traffic management and phasing only contact Ringway on 0845 646 0059 or Lambeth.Schemes@Ringway.co.uk