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Healthy Route for the South Bank – Trial Launched

On 30 October we started the construction of the trial schemes for the South Bank Spine Route heathy route. Construction is now complete, and the trial has begun.

This is the start of the 12-18month trial which aims to make the area safer, healthier, and more enjoyable for all road users walking, wheeling and cycling. In particular, these changes will help to reduce through traffic to make the Spine Route compliant with our Healthy Route criteria.

Find out more about the Healthy Streets improvements:

Spine Route at Waterloo Bridge

Spine Route at Bernie Spain Gardens


You must not go through the ‘No Motor Vehicle’ signs or you will be fined. Enforcement has begun with a period of warning notices. Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s) enforcement will begin towards the end of November.


In order to satisfy the Healthy Route criteria, dispensations will not be provided for the Spine Route Waterloo Bridge filters. There are many alternate routes to choose from in the local area including using local main roads. We have provided several maps to help guide you along these routes.

What’s Next?

An Experimental Traffic Order covering the scheme is now in effect. This allows us to enforce the scheme, monitor its impacts and engage over a minimum 6-month period.

The trial will be assessed, considering traffic and air quality monitoring, feedback gathered through engagement and objections to the traffic order. A decision will then be taken on whether the scheme is made permanent, altered or removed.

Community Engagement - What is to come?

• You can make an objection or representation relating to the Experimental Traffic Order in the first 6 months of the trial

• If you wish to object, this should be directed to SouthBankSpineRoute@lambeth.gov.uk stating the grounds for your objection

• Further details of how to feedback in person and online will be announced soon

Do you have any questions about these healthy street improvements?

Please send any questions you may have to SouthBankSpineRoute@lambeth.gov.uk

Posted on 10th November 2023

by South Bank Spine Route Team