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Have your say on proposed changes to parking charges


We want your views

We are writing to inform you about three new changes to parking charges being proposed as part of Lambeth Council's commitment to reaching Net Zero by 2030.

As someone who may be interested in these changes, we would like to ask your opinion.

The proposed changes include:

• extending emissions-based charging for motorcycle resident permits;

• extending the diesel surcharge to diesel vehicles that are Euro 6 compliant;

• introducing a surcharge for second and subsequent permits within the same household

Visit the consultation page to find out more and to give your feedback. You have until Friday, 23 February 2024.

Why are we doing this?

Around a quarter of Lambeth's annual emissions are caused by vehicles, despite the borough having one of the lowest car ownership rates in London.

In the next six years, we need to reduce the amount of traffic on our streets by 27% and this will require a mixture of helping people switch to other forms of active travel, whilst also ensuring the price of kerbside parking reflects the impact the emissions have on our shared environment. This is in line with our kerbside strategyadopted in January 2023.

We believe these proposals will:

• Reduce parking pressures

• Relieve congestion

• Improve air quality by reducing carbon emissions

Have your say

We'd like to invite your views on these proposed changes so we're running a statutory consultation until Friday, 23 February 2024.

Take part and have your say.

Yours sincerely,

Lambeth Parking Services

Posted on 30th January 2024

by Lambeth Parking Services

Big Shift News: January

The Big Shift - January

Happy New Year!

This January we would like to take the time to celebrate all that the Big Shift has achieved in 2023. Most of these projects are ongoing so if you would like to get involved head to the Big Shift website for more information or email bigshift@lambeth.gov.uk if you have a question.

For updates on Big Shift projects, you can follow Lambeth’s social media accounts:

X (Formerly Twitter): @lambeth_Council

Instagram: @lambeth_Council

Facebook: Lambeth Council

Community Fund Parklets

The Big Shift launched the Community Fund Parklet scheme in April 2023. Phase 1 will see the installation of 6 parklets in early 2024 and the phase 2 application window is still open.

Community Fund Parklets allow for residents, schools and charities to apply to have a mini park on their street. These can create spaces for rest and socialising and bring some much-needed greenery to the streets.

Watch this space for exciting updates as they come!

Business Parklets

This year has seen the launch of not one but two parklet schemes for Lambeth! The Business Parklet scheme was launched in December 2023 and is open for applications currently.

Business Parklets differ from Community Fund Parklets in that they can be designed by the business to suit their needs. Individual businesses or groups of businesses can apply to have their own space in the kerbside.

Bike the Borough

The Big Shift and Cycle Confident held a mass bike ride of six primary schools in July 2023. The ride allowed the children from years 5 and 6 to show off their Bikeability skills and cap off the year with a bit of fun!

The students rode from Brockwell Park to Clapham Common and ended with a picnic in the park to celebrate.

The Big Shift and Cycle Confident have begun planning for the 2024 ride and hope to make it even bigger and better than last year

Car Free Days

The Big Shift held three separate Car Free Day events throughout 2023. These events involved closing the streets to traffic and opening it up to the public.

The first was held across two days by Brixton Business Improvement District (BID) on Atlantic Road, in June, coinciding with the Lambeth Country Show and London Festival of Architecture. The street had music and activities for all ages, businesses spilled into the road and the extra space for pedestrians during the busy festival was welcomed by many.

The Hannen Road Car Free Day happened in early September. The event was run by Station to Station B, A Small Studio and University of Greenwich. Hannan Road had been highlighted located as a key site for flood risk reduction. The Big Shift Car Free Day aimed to reimagine the street by getting ideas and feedback from all road users as to how the space can be redesigned to increase greening and reduce vehicle dominance.

The last Big Shift Car Free Days of the year were held throughout September on Voltaire Road, in conjunction with Clapham BID. The street was shut to traffic from Friday evenings to Sunday evenings for four weekends. Businesses filled the streets and worked together to set up a performance space and seating for the public to sit and enjoy the show.

Community Influencers

September 2023 saw the launch of the second cohort of Community Influencers.

So far, the Influencers have received their bikes and have been braving the weather to have their cycle lessons with Peddle My Wheels. The influencers are brushing up on their skills and learning valuable safety tips about cycling in poor weather and darker conditions. As the weather slowly improves in 2024, they will be gearing up for even longer rides and making the most out of Lambeth cycle infrastructure to test out their skills.

Lambeth Council will be sharing their journeys over on our social media channels, follow along to see how anyone can make cycling part of their lifestyle.


OurBike is our e-cargo bike sharing scheme that launched in 2022 and had its first full year in 2023. 2023 saw a switch up of one location but still a total of seven bikes throughout the borough.

In total, throughout 2023, there were 854 trips, the bikes were ridden for 2031 hours and travelled 3181 kilometres!

We also introduced a new introductory offer that gives new resident sign ups 60 minutes free and new business sign ups 180 minutes! Peddle My Wheels offer lessons for beginners, so if you haven’t given it a go, why not sign up in the new year and try something different?

Bike Markets

Bike Markets are run by Peddle My Wheels, they offer affordable, second-hand bikes and are a place to donate unwanted or outgrown cycles.

In 2023, 23 Bike Markets were held in Lambeth and total of 163 bikes were sold and 99 were donated.

Bikes that are donated are often serviced by UpCYCLE, a charity who help children learn cycling and bike maintenance skills. The serviced bikes were then sold at Bike Markets and have made £4379 to date! All of the money goes back to UpCYCLE to help them teach more children valuable cycling skills.

Try Before You Bike

Try Before You Bike is a scheme run by Peddle My Wheels that is designed to help people try out cycling before committing to buying a bike.

In 2023 there were 63 applications to Try Before You Bike!

Dr Bike

Our Dr Bike session provide the public with free information on bike maintenance and offers the opportunity for the public to get their bike fixed for free.

Lambeth saw 62 Dr Bike sessions in 2023 and in total 1147 bikes were serviced!

Your Streets Your Way

2023 saw the second round of Lambeth’s Your Streets Your Way competition. We had 9 new locations and 9 new winners.

Work has started to make the winner’s designs a reality and we are excited to share updates with you as the work progresses. The first location to be completed is Chestnut Road, where a mural celebrating the area’s historical connection to the Great North Wood has been painted by Simon Hills. If you are in the area, check it out!

Posted on 10th January 2024

by PK

Waterloo Street Improvements - The Cornwall are and Hercules Road Engagement Report

We have published The Cornwall Aarea and Hercules Road Engagement Report. This document summarises the engagement in Waterloo which took place between 15 September and 20 October 2023. To read the report, click here.

We collected feedback on the following schemes:

  • Cornwall Road Pavement Widening
  • Stamford Street Healthy Street Improvements
  • Roupell Street Healthy Street Improvements
  • Windmill Walk Healthy Street Improvements
  • Hercules Road Healthy Street Improvements
  • Posted on 19th December 2023

    by Transport Strategy Team

    Big Shift News: December

    Lambeth’s Big Shift – December

    This December we have a lot of exciting new projects gearing up for the new year and opportunities for residents to get involved in projects they may have missed out on in 2023. If you would like to get involved contact us at bigshift@lambeth.gov.uk for further information.

    Business Parklets

    The Business Parklet programme gives Lambeth businesses the opportunity to apply to convert a parking space in front of their premises into a parklet.

    Parklets can used for outdoor seating for trading, additional outdoor space, greening and much more.

    Businesses, private organisations, charities, schools and third sector can apply for a parklet. Individual businesses or groups of businesses may apply together.

    How it works:

    1. Complete business parklet expression of interest form - which includes submitting rough designs and a neighbourhood support form.

    2. Shortlisting process by the Council

    3. Apply for table and chairs/ pavement licence (where necessary)

    4. Shortlisted businesses provide their detailed designs

    5. Traffic order and relevant audits completed by Lambeth Council

    6. Build

    7. Businesses maintain the parklet through its lifespan and arrange removal when necessary.

    Costs payable by the business:

    • Supply/leasing of the parklet platform & installation. Parklets can come in various forms, sizes and materials so prices can also vary. Prices can start from £5K and above.

    • Items such as planters, barriers and seating

    • Maintenance

    • Public Liability Insurance

    • Apply for a tables and chairs licence (where required)

    • Removal/replacement at the end of the parklet’s life

    Paid by the council:

    • Traffic Order costs

    • Road safety audit

    • Officer time

    • Signs and lines

    The opportunity to apply will be open until the 1st of April 2024 with two shortlisting windows on the 12 January and 1 April 2024.

    For information on shortlisting criteria and how to apply, visit https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/businessparklets

    For any questions please contact bigshift@lambeth.gov.uk

    Community Fund Parklets

    Applications for Community Fund Parklets are still open!

    Parklets provide opportunities for communities to design a space on their road to suit their needs. Parklets can provide spaces to grow your own vegetables, a space for children to play, or whatever you’d like!

    To find out more about the application process, visit https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/streets-roads-transport/community-parklet-scheme

    Lambeth Bus Days

    Lambeth Bus Days continue to be a big success with 50 pupils from local schools taking part last week.

    Bus Days are an activity set in partnership with Transport for London's Travel Mentoring Service, the Metropolitan Police Safer Transport Team and the bus company Arriva. Bus Days are designed to give children and young people with special needs (and other vulnerable potential passengers) extra confidence to enable them to travel independently and to make full use of London’s bus network.

    The monthly sessions take place on a moving red London double-decker bus and feature scenarios covering personal and road safety. Passengers meet the driver and ticket inspectors and have the chance to practice coping with different type of issues that may come up when taking the bus. The police provide us with a team of about 8 officers for the day, Arriva provide the bus and driver, and we have two Travel Mentors from TfL to lead the sessions, plus the time of the Revenue Protection Inspectors who come on the bus.

    Car Free Days

    After the success of the Big Shift Car Free Days over 2023, we are looking to extend the opportunity to everyone across the borough.

    Businesses, community groups or even a passionate individual can apply to hold a Big Shift Car Free Day in their area.

    Car Free Days aim to help reimagine an area away from a space solely dedicated to cars. This could be by allowing businesses to spill out into the road, providing more space for children to play or giving an opportunity to imagine redesigning the road entirely.

    If you are interested in a Car Free Day, email bigshift@lambeth.gov.uk to receive an information document about the process.

    Dockless bays

    Lambeth Council is currently installing 191 new dockless bays across the borough for rental e-scooters and e-bikes. Once all the bays are installed, users will be required to park in these bays to enable active travel trips and reduce footway clutter.

    View the dockless bay locations here 

    It will bring the total number to over 240 meaning that most residents will be able to reach a bay within a 5-minute walk. This forms part of a commitment in Lambeth’s Kerbside Strategy to expand the coverage of rental e-scooter and e-bike services across the whole borough. 

    By January, rental e-scooters will be permitted for use in the south of Lambeth. They have been available for use in the north of the borough since Lambeth joined a trial scheme run by Transport for London and London Councils in July 2021. 

    The new bays are being installed through Experimental Traffic Orders. Residents who would like to participate in the consultation for the new bays can do so by visiting our consultation page. 

    Posted on 6th December 2023

    by PK

    Healthy Route for the South Bank – Trial Launched

    On 30 October we started the construction of the trial schemes for the South Bank Spine Route heathy route. Construction is now complete, and the trial has begun.

    This is the start of the 12-18month trial which aims to make the area safer, healthier, and more enjoyable for all road users walking, wheeling and cycling. In particular, these changes will help to reduce through traffic to make the Spine Route compliant with our Healthy Route criteria.

    Find out more about the Healthy Streets improvements:

    Spine Route at Waterloo Bridge

    Spine Route at Bernie Spain Gardens


    You must not go through the ‘No Motor Vehicle’ signs or you will be fined. Enforcement has begun with a period of warning notices. Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s) enforcement will begin towards the end of November.


    In order to satisfy the Healthy Route criteria, dispensations will not be provided for the Spine Route Waterloo Bridge filters. There are many alternate routes to choose from in the local area including using local main roads. We have provided several maps to help guide you along these routes.

    What’s Next?

    An Experimental Traffic Order covering the scheme is now in effect. This allows us to enforce the scheme, monitor its impacts and engage over a minimum 6-month period.

    The trial will be assessed, considering traffic and air quality monitoring, feedback gathered through engagement and objections to the traffic order. A decision will then be taken on whether the scheme is made permanent, altered or removed.

    Community Engagement - What is to come?

    • You can make an objection or representation relating to the Experimental Traffic Order in the first 6 months of the trial

    • If you wish to object, this should be directed to SouthBankSpineRoute@lambeth.gov.uk stating the grounds for your objection

    • Further details of how to feedback in person and online will be announced soon

    Do you have any questions about these healthy street improvements?

    Please send any questions you may have to SouthBankSpineRoute@lambeth.gov.uk

    Posted on 10th November 2023

    by South Bank Spine Route Team

    Big Shift News: November

    Lambeth’s Big Shift - November

    Cycling isn’t just for the summer, why not give it a go this November? The Big Shift has many different projects that can help you get started with cycling, no matter what the weather.

    Free cycle training is available for anyone who lives, works, or studies in Lambeth.

    • Private 1-1 sessions, family sessions, or group sessions.

    • From beginner sessions in an off-road environment, to advance sessions dealing with complex junctions.

    • Assistance with planning routes to wherever you’d like to go, and then cycling them with an instructor.

    Book your session at www.cycleconfident.com

    Try Before You Bike

    Try Before You Bike is a user-friendly scheme that is specifically designed to encourage people to cycle.

    • Pay monthly for a bike (including hybrid, folding bikes, e-bikes, e-cargo bikes, and adaptive bikes).

    • Free delivery to your door with accessories (helmet, lights, and lock), and bespoke training session.

    • You have the option to purchase the bike, or it can be collected for free if you decide the bike is not for you.

    Find out more at www.peddlemywheels.com


    OurBike is a community cargo bike share scheme where you can hire an electric cargo bike by the hour.

    • Costs just £3 per hour to rent and can travel up to 50km on a full charge.

    • The cargo bikes can carry up to two kids, or all kinds of cargo from furniture to food deliveries.

    • Seven bikes located across the borough.

    Find your nearest OurBike and sign up at www.ourbike.co.uk

    Bike Markets

    Public bike markets are a great opportunity to pick up an affordable child or adult bike.

    • Bikes are fully serviced and priced affordably.

    • Wide range of different bikes and sizes.

    • Bikes can also be donated at the market.

    • All sales proceeds from donated bikes go to upCYCLE, a community workshop teaching young people from ethnic minority backgrounds bike maintenance skills. www.upcycleldn.co.uk

    Find out when the next Bike Market is at www.peddlemywheels.com

    Dr Bike

    Experienced mechanics will give your bike a FREE safety check.

    • Qualified mechanics check everything on your bike from wheels, brakes, gears, and tyre pressure, to lights, racks, pedals, saddles, and more.

    • For anything that can’t be fixed there and then, the mechanic will explain what needs doing and provide an estimated cost to fix at a bike shop.

    To view Dr Bike sessions visit www.cycleconfident.com/courses/dr-bike/

    Community Fund Parklets

    Applications for Community Fund Parklets are still open.

    Want to improve your local area with a custom parklet on your street? To view more information visit https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/parks-sports-leisure/community-parklet-scheme

    Posted on 2nd November 2023

    by PK

    Big Shift News: October

    Lambeth’s Big Shift – October

    This October we’re focusing on parklets. The second phase of the parklets project is open for applications, see below for more details.

    The #LambethBigShift aims to help communities across Lambeth make the most of the of the new greener, healthier infrastructure being put in place. Find out more about our projects below or visit our website. Check back here for regular updates about current and upcoming projects. 

    Community Fund Parklets Phase 2

    Applications for Community Fund Parklets phase 2 are now open!

    A parklet is a tiny park, taking up just one parking space. It provides residents with an opportunity to create a space that works for their community. Successful applicants can choose from our catalogue to customise their parklet, choose from foldable seating, planters, game boards, notice boards and more.

    Applications close on the 29th of October.

    Click here for more information.

    Car Free Days

    Throughout September, Lambeth saw several Car Free Days.

    The Hannen Road Big Shift car free day held workshops for residents and visitors to share their views on how they use the space. The closure was made possible by the collaborative efforts of Station to Station Business Improvement District, A Small Studio, Soak Up Lambeth, University of Greenwich and Lambeth’s Big Shift. The goal was to reimagine Hannen Road in a way that works for everyone as it moves to a more sustainable future.

    Hannen Road was located as a spot for potential Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) installation. SuDS help improve climate resilience in an area by improving the drainage of rainwater via sustainable means, as opposed to older forms of drainage that rely on outdated systems that are no longer fit for purpose. Hannen Road was located as a potential area as it lies uphill and can therefore collect rainwater as it falls before it flows downhill and causes flooding. The Big Shift car free day served as the first phase of the co-design process. Co-design allows for all parties involved to have their ideas and needs taken into consideration before any plans are drawn up. By using co-design, the Council aims to create a space that works for everyone.

    Check out the results of the Hannen Road workshops on A Small Studio’s YouTube channel.

    Voltaire Road closed to vehicles for 4 weekends throughout September as part of Big Shift car free days project. Local businesses spilled out into the street and created more spaces for visitors to enjoy. The opening of the space for public use proved to be a positive change as many visitors shared their feedback with the Council.

    Finally, National Car Free Day was celebrated on Goding Street. The street was filled with activities for the family and opportunities for people to learn more about active travel.

    Car Free Days can take place in many different forms. But ultimately, they each aim to reimagine spaces away from being a place purely for cars. The Big Shift is looking to provide more opportunities for communities and businesses to give Car Free Days a go.

    If you or a group you’re part of have an idea for a Car Free Day in Spring / Summer 2024, contact bigshift@lambeth.gov.uk with your thoughts.

    Community Influencers

    Say hello to Lambeth’s 2023/24 cohort of Community Influencers!

    Over the next year these beginner cyclists will embark on their biking journeys. We will chronicle their progress throughout the year and use their experiences to help inspire others to give it a go. The influencers will be given information to help signpost others to cycling support, so if you see them at an active travel event, say hello!

    West Norwood Shared Electric Van

    Station to Station business improvement district (BID), Lambeth Council and Zipcar have partnered to provide an electric van for members of the BID to use. The van will help local business to reduce emissions and local traffic as outlined in the Kerbside Strategy.

    Posted on 3rd October 2023

    by PK

    Big Shift News: September

    The Big Shift Lambeth

    This September the Big Shift is activating spaces across the borough! We have three different roads closing this month to allow for locals and businesses to use the spaces that are usually reserved for cars. Come along and enjoy the space!

    The #LambethBigShift aims to help communities across Lambeth make the most of the of the new greener, healthier infrastructure being put in place. Find out more about our projects below or visit our website. Check back here for regular updates about current and upcoming projects. 

    Hannen Road Car Free Day

    This Sunday Lambeth’s Big Shift is closing Hannen Road in West Norwood for the day. This closure will coincide with monthly Norwood Feast local street market.

    This event is about reimagine Hannen Road as a commute friendly and more sustainable space. There will be a variety of workshops for children and adults throughout the day. These workshops are run by A Small Studio and Station to Station to gather locals’ opinions about how the space could be better suited to its current uses.

    Come join us from 10am to 4pm on Sunday the 3rd of September to take a look, share your views, and enjoy some local produce!

    National Car Free Day

    Lambeth Council will be celebrating Car Free Day on Saturday 23rd September on Goding Street (SE11 5AW), just off Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, from 12 to 5pm.

    There will be fun and interactive activities for the whole family including:

    • Children's scooter obstacle course and an opportunity to win a children's scooter

    • A pedal smoothie bike giving out free smoothies

    • Children's arts and crafts workshops

    • Adult bike repair workshops

    • A Dr Bike mechanic who will check your bike for free

    • Adapted bikes for disabled people to try

    And much more!

    You don't need to book anything and all the activities are FREE, just bring yourself and your friends and family for a fun-filled day out!

    Voltaire Road Car Free Days

    Starting on the 8th of September we are closing Voltaire Road from Old Station Way to Clapham High Street. The closure will occur every weekend from 6pm Friday to 6pm Sunday, ending on the 1st of October.

    The road closure will see local businesses spilling out onto the street to enjoy the space. There will be additional seating in the road and every Saturday from 4pm to 8pm live acoustic music will take place.

    Why not pop over this September to enjoy the street, music and food!

    Community Fund Parklets

    Applications for Community Fund Parklets are still open.

    A parklet is a repurposed parking space that offers residents a small green space, a place to rest or socialise, or anything your community would like!

    Click here for more information.


    Need to carry a small parcel or small children in Lambeth? Why not give an OurBike a go?

    We have seven locations with e-cargo bikes across the borough and it’s one of the cheapest bike-hiring schemes in London!

    Look out for our new signs to help you locate a bike.

    Click here for more details.

    Posted on 1st September 2023

    by PK

    Big Shift News: August

    The Big Shift Lambeth

    Looking for ways to get some exercise or brighten up your neighbourhood this summer? The Big Shift can help you!

    Looking to get back into cycling? We have opportunities below to help you in your cycling journey, whatever stage you’re at. Think your street could use a little more greenery? Why not apply for a parklet!

    The #LambethBigShift aims to help communities across Lambeth make the most of the of the new greener, healthier infrastructure being put in place. Find out more about our projects below or visit our website. Check back here for regular updates about current and upcoming projects. 

    Bike the Borough

    On the 18th of July six Lambeth primary schools took part in the Bike the Borough event. The children took to the streets as part of a mass bike ride between Clapham Common and Brockwell Park.

    The inaugural Bike the Borough event saw more than 80 school children showcase cycling skills while being supported by school staff, cycling police officers and instructors from Cycle Confident.

    The Bike the Borough event was organised through Lambeth Council’s Big Shift programme to encourage people to consider more sustainable and active ways to move around their local areas.

    The event was a great success with everyone involved having a great time. We hope to make it even bigger and better next year.

    Community Influencers

    We are looking for 30 new Lambeth Community Influencers.

    Have you thought about cycling but don’t know where to start? Would you like to bike to work but aren’t confident on the roads? Becoming a Community Influencer is a great place to start!

    Peddle My Wheels and Lambeth’s Big Shift have partnered for a second year of the Community Influencer programme. Successful applicants will receive a free cycle and cycle accessories as well as being supported with training, maintenance, and insurance from Peddle My Wheels.

    Influencers will join our media campaign and help promote cycling around Lambeth. We’re looking for people to help encourage others to cycle in their communities by posting to social media, coming to active travel events and many more exciting opportunities.

    Click here to apply for a spot in the September 2023 cohort.

    Your Streets Your Way

    The Your Streets Your Way 2023 winners have been announced!

    Congratulations to the winners, runner ups and judges’ choices! Over 70 wonderful submissions were received from people aged 6-74. The winning designs are available to view on the Your Streets Your Way website.


    Applications for a Community Fund Parklets are now open.

    A parklet is an old parking space that has been transformed into a space for a community to rest and socialise, while also bringing some much-needed greenery to residential streets. Parklets can also provide a space to lock up bikes or even sensory play opportunities for children.

    Applying to become a parklet keeper means that you will have the chance to design a parklet for your road. Parklet keepers are responsible for maintaining and caring for the parklet and ensuring that it is a welcoming place for the whole community to enjoy.

    Click here to find out more.


    Join Lambeth’s e-cargo bike hiring scheme today and get 60 minutes free if you’re a resident or 180 minutes free for your business. After that it’s just 75p per 15 minutes, making it one of London’s cheapest bike hiring schemes.

    OurBike can be used to transport a wide range of items: parcels, recycling, cakes, even people. The Ridgeback MK5 bike can carry up to 150kg (including the weight of the rider) and comes with a bench that can seat 2 children.

    If you have never used an e-cargo bike before you can book a training session for free with a member of the team. For more information about riding an e-cargo bike, check out the OurBike website.

    Download the app via the Play Store or App Store.

    Cycle Confident Summer Sessions

    Cycle Confident are providing cycle training sessions this summer for all ages and levels of ability.

    Click here for more information.

    Try Before You Bike

    Try Before You Bike is designed to encourage beginner, less experienced or out of practice cyclists to give it a go.

    Try Before You Bike allows you to pay monthly to try out a range of different bicycles to see if they’re right for you.

    Click here for more details.


    Freshview aims to bring your community together for a day to improve your local area. Freshview is led by residents, it is your chance to make a difference to the environment in your local area.

    Types of activities include:

    • creating a community garden

    • building on-street planters and window boxes

    • removing debris from disused land

    • cutting back overgrowth from alleyways and footpaths

    • brightening up local areas by re-painting front garden walls or street furniture.

    Click here for more information.

    Posted on 4th August 2023

    by PK

    Big Shift News: July

    The Big Shift Lambeth

    The Big Shift aims to create a greener and healthier Lambeth. Our projects range from redesigning local Lambeth spaces to helping residents access affordable bikes.

    Our #LambethBigShift active travel programme brings together several initiatives to help residents, businesses and schools choose cleaner and healthier ways of getting around the borough - such as walking, cycling and wheeling.

    Find out more about our projects below or visit our website. Check back here for regular updates about current and upcoming projects.

    Community Influencer applications

    Are you considering cycling but need some support to get started? Peddle My Wheels and Lambeth’s Big Shift have partnered for a second year of the Community Influencer programme. Successful applicants will receive a free cycle and cycle accessories as well as being supported with training, maintenance, and insurance from Peddle My Wheels.

    Influencers will join our media campaign and help promote cycling around Lambeth. We’re looking for people to help encourage others to cycle in their communities by posting to social media, coming to active travel events and many more exciting opportunities.

    Click here to apply for a spot in the September 2023 cohort.

    Community Fund Parklets

    A Parklet is a community owned mini park for your street. A can add a bit of green to your area while providing a spot to rest and socialise.

    We have begun the first phase of installing the Community Fund Parklets. But don’t worry, you can still apply for one on your street.

    Click here for more information on how to apply.


    OurBike has a new app and a new look to match!

    The new app is simple to use. Either download it from the Play Storeor App Store, sign up and book your time slot.

    As of the 1st of July 2023:

    • All new businesses that sign up will receive 180 minutes free use.

    • All new resident signups will get 60 minutes.

    After that it’s only 75p per 15 minutes.


    Freshview aims to bring your community together for a day to improve your local area. Freshview is led by residents, it is your chance to make a difference to the environment in your local area.

    Types of activities include:

    • creating a community garden

    • building on-street planters and window boxes

    • removing debris from disused land

    • cutting back overgrowth from alleyways and footpaths

    • brightening up local areas by re-painting front garden walls or street furniture.

    Click here for more information.

    Crowdfund Lambeth

    Lambeth Council and Crowdfunder have teamed up to support projects, groups and organisations across the Borough who want to turn their ideas into a reality and make Lambeth a unique place to live, work, learn and do business.

    Do you have a community green project? Want to improve your local street?

    Click here for more details on the eligibility criteria.

    Cycle Confident Summer Cycle Training

    Lambeth Council with Cycle Confident are providing free cycle training for children during the summer holidays. There are courses suitable for all levels of ability, from complete beginner to on-road training and the training takes place in small groups with 2 fully trained instructors.

    Courses are running in Brockwell Park and Clapham Common during the month of August. Children are encouraged to bring their own bikes but there are also bikes available to borrow at Clapham Common.

    For more details and to book a place, visit the Cycle Confident website.

    Posted on 30th June 2023

    by PK

    Waterloo Street Improvements Update

    Waterloo Street Improvements Engagement

    We want to take a moment to truly thank you for your feedback on the Waterloo Street Improvement proposals:

  • The Cut and Greet Street
  • Webber Street
  • Ufford Road
  • The Cut Parklets
  • We received a considerable number of responses and ideas.

    Our team will now analyse all the comments and summarise these into an Engagement Summary Report that will be published on Commonplace.

    We will send you an update once this is ready to view!

    Kind regards,

    The Transport Strategy Team

    Posted on 12th June 2023

    by The Transport Strategy Team

    Big Shift News: May

    Community Fund Parklets

    Applications for phase one of the Community Fund Parklets has closed. Our team is currently shortlisting the applications. Winners will be announced soon.

    If you missed the deadline but still want to apply you can send in your application to be waitlisted for phase two. Click here to apply.

    Your Streets Your Way Competition 2023

    The announcement for the Your Streets Your Way winners will be coming soon. Watch this space for updates!

    Support for Lambeth school employees

    Are you working in a Lambeth school? You are eligible for support to have a more a more active journey to school!

    Lambeth Council is working towards a cleaner and greener borough by offering a range of measures to encourage people working for the school to travel in active ways. Transport has a huge impact on the health and quality of life for everyone and offers some great opportunities.

    Contact us at ActiveTravel@lambeth.gov.uk to receive a guide to find out information and discounts to switch to healthier and more sustainable forms of transport.

    Bike Week 100 5th – 11th June 2023

    Bike Week 100 is coming up. Celebrating 100 years of Bike Weeks, this year you can get involved by arranging an event at your workplace or taking part in one of the many challenges arranged by Bike Week 100. Click here for more details. You can also find resources to help make the switch to cycling on the Cycling UK website.

    Dr Bike

    Dr Bike sessions are free to attend, and experienced mechanics will check everything on your bike from wheels, brakes, gears and tyre pressure to lights, racks, pedals, saddles and more. Any minor adjustments that can be made will be done there and then free of change.

    In the case that something can’t be fixed on site the mechanics will let you know exactly what needs doing and a rough guide to what it should cost and will point you in the direction of your local bike shop.

    Upcoming Dr Bike Sessions:

    • Saturday 6th June – 12:00-15:00 – Norwood Road / York Hill – SE27 9AF

    • Wednesday 7th June – 16:00-19:00 – Clapham Common Bandstand – SW4 9DE

    • Saturday 10th June – 12:00-15:00 – Clapham Common Bandstand – SW4 9DE

    • Wednesday 14th June – 16:00 19:00 Windrush Square – SW2 1JQ

    Click here for a full list of events.

    Bike Markets

    We have partnered with Brixton based upCYCLE to bring you a brand-new type of bike market!

    Bring along your outgrown, unwanted bikes to the market and put them to good use and donate them to a great project.

    All donated bikes will be serviced by upCYCLE and checked by a qualified mechanic to ensure they are in good working order. The bikes will then be sold at bike markets run by Peddle My Wheels, with 100% of all sales proceeds going back to upCYCLE

    • Wednesday 7th June - 10:00-16:00 - Windrush Square

    • Saturday 10 June - 12:00-18:00 - Lambeth Country Show

    • Sunday 11 June - 12:00-18:00 - Lambeth Country Show

    • Sunday 9th July - 10:00-16:00 - Streatham Common (Rookery/Highlighted Road)

    Click here for a full list of events.

    Try Before You Bike

    Try Before You Bike - the flexible bike scheme that will get you cycling.

    Simple and affordable, the Try Before You Bike scheme is the flexible bike scheme that will help get you cycling. Just choose your new bike and accessories using the helpful online tools, the bike gets delivered straight to your door!

    For more information visit Peddle My Wheels, who run the programme on behalf of Lambeth Council.

    Electric Vehicle Charging

    In the coming months you’ll start seeing bright green wraparounds around many Lambeth lamp columns. This shows that a street based Electric Vehicle Charge Point (EVCP) is situated in the lamp column.

    Lambeth now has over 260 residential lamp column based EVCPs, ensuring residents have access to a convenient Charge Point each with their own dedicated charging bay. Look out for new charging points in the coming months.

    EVCP Lamp Column Wrap

    ULEZ Scrappage Scheme and Grants

    The ULEZ is expanding London wide and a £110m scrappage scheme for older vehicles will support low-income and disabled Londoners, charities, small businesses. Click here for more details.

    If you are not eligible for the scrappage scheme you can still benefit from special deals on car/bike/scooter rental and other support. Click here for more details.

    Posted on 2nd June 2023

    by PK